Food Addiction

Are you looking for freedom from food addiction?
Do you or someone you love struggle with food?
Do you keep eating certain foods even if you're no longer hungry?
 Do you turn to food to ease pain or fears?
 Has food become your comforter, your friend?
 Have you tried various diet programs, exercising, or medications to try to control your eating habits?
Do you struggle with body image?
Have you failed repeatedly?
Are you left feeling guilty, incapable and unlovable?

Addiction is a pattern or a trained response to an internal reaction to painful experiences and wounds. One creates that pattern to survive and to function as a natural response. Many times, food becomes a comfort to ease our pain or fear. Other times, we trade one addiction for another, and food becomes a new addiction to replace another one we have gained sobriety over. Food becomes our "drug of choice."

Celebrate Recovery is here to help! Come join us and commit to working the 12 Steps, regularly attend meetings, and get accountability partners and a Sponsor to support your journey to freedom. Walking through the recovery process allows you to admit your powerlessness to control your addiction to food. Leaning on and learning from others in the program will allow you to gain sobriety over your food addiction.

Celebrate Recovery is a "large umbrella" 12 Step program to help a limitless number of issues. It is a biblical and balanced program effective in helping people overcome their hurts, hang-ups and habits. Many of the addiction issues we deal with include alcohol addiction, drug addiction, gambling addiction, sexual addiction and food addiction. We also deal with eating disorders, love and relationship addiction, co-dependency, and anger to name a few.