Addiction is a pattern (trained response) to an internal reaction to painful experiences and wounds. One creates that pattern to survive and to function (it's a natural response). Relying on Christ amid pain requires trust and intentionality. (This is NOT natural)…it has to become a pattern also.

What some of the common lies look/sound like when dealing with Addictions:
"As long as I am in control, I will not get hurt."
"I can manage this pain/hurt/problem on my own… I don't need any help."
"I don't need to dig up the past. The past has nothing to do with this."
 "That wasn't really a problem. People have way worse things happen to them."
 "I've tried everything and nothing works… I must just be this way."

Where the addiction begins spiritually:
1. Avoidance
2. Self-reliance
3. Self-protection

When you are honest with yourself, do you find you cannot quit drinking or using drugs entirely? Do you have little control over the amount you consume? You are probably an alcoholic and/or an addict.

When does a behavior become an addiction? We discover if one has an addiction by how the person is affected when he or she tries to stop a behavior. Here is a brief list of good questions to ask to decide the severity of a behavior…
Can you stop the behavior on your own whenever you want?
Do you do the behavior more often than you want to?
 Has anyone ever confronted you about the behavior or joked about you doing it too much?
Have you lost or suffered anything because of the behavior? Lost a job? Lost a relationship?
Would you feel embarrassed if anyone knew you had this behavior or the frequency this behavior was present in your life?

History of the word Codependency

History of the word- The word originated in Alanon /AA groups. When a spouse to an Alcoholic began adapting his or her behavior around the Alcoholic's behavior, their behavior became dependent on their spouses use of alcohol. They did not have an alcohol addiction… they were "CO"dependent on the alcohol.

Modern use of the word- When another person's actions are dictating my behaviors and emotions. "When you drink… I feel angry."

How can Celebrate Recovery help me find sobriety? Celebrate Recovery is a Biblical and balanced program that helps us overcome our hurts, hang-ups, and habits. It is based on the actual words of Jesus taken from Matthew Chapter 5. Celebrate Recovery believes in providing a place for the broken to come and face the pain in their lives. The practical principles are designed to help others find an authentic relationship with Jesus Christ.

Through Celebrate Recovery, we will come to believe there is only one solution. I will accept Jesus Christ as my Higher Power and follow His plan for my life. I will work through the 8 Recovery Principles found in the Beatitudes. With Jesus Christ as my Higher Power, I can and will change!

Defining some of the "Labels":
We have small groups that help meet the need of labels such as Alcoholic, Drug Addict, Substance abuser, Sex Addict, Co-Dependent, Gambler, Love/Relationship Addict, Enabler, Adult Child of an Alcoholic… 

Examples of CR "Problem and Solution" Sheets (these will be on other pages) (At your local Celebrate Recovery we have more information on this and many more hurts, hang-ups or habits to assist you and your family).
The Group Label is like a shoe size. It doesn't define you, it only helps you find a group that fits.

As you draw closer to your Higher Power, Jesus Christ, you will learn how to apply the 8 Celebrate Recovery Principles and 12 Steps, designed to guide you in this journey we call "Recovery." If you are diligent to provide willingness, integrity, consistency, and rigorous honesty, God will supply you with the courage, strength, and ability to take the necessary steps to gain freedom from unhealthy behaviors. This journey happens in the context of groups and others on the recovery journey.